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ANNOUNCING: the test release of the Robot Witness [Feb. 1st, 2008|06:33 pm]
Universal Conscious Practice


Please find attached a link to my gift to the community - the Robot
Witness, v. 0.0.4.

This is basically Gene Goodreau's Virtual Witness, rewritten as a
stand-alone programme in the Gambas programming language for Linux,
rather than as an HTML page.

The only significant changes I have made to the programme from the
classic Virtual Witness is:

- including a timer for sessions.

- including a facility for taking automatic session logs (you type
your thoughts in and they're automatically saved).

- including coloured "flashes" next to the questions. Colour-coding
the various questions seems to me to act directly on the subconscious
mind to evoke the correct states of mind, thus making it easier to get
into session mode.


I've packaged it for Debian/Ubuntu, for RedHat, for Mandriva, for SUSE and as a tarball. If I've done anything wrong here, I'm sure a friendly Linux geek will explain it.

NOTE: This programme will only work if you have the Gambas programming
language installed - you can get this FREE from http://gambas.sourceforge.net/.
I wrote this in Gambas 1.1 - I don't know whether it will work on
later versions.

Please feel free to test and freely distribute, or translate for other
platforms. Email me if you want source code or similar.